List of Foreign Referees to Assign in Second Round of League 1

List of Foreign Referees to Assign in Second Round of League 1

A total of six foreign referees who will be commissioned in the second round of League 1 is ready to serve in Indonesia.

The six foreign referees came from Kyrgyzstan and Australia, each sending three names in the first period package.

FIFA referee’s referees have arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday (2/8/2017) and will be on duty until 15 August 2017.

According to Secretary General of PSSI, Queen Tisha Destria, his side took the initiative to bring in foreign referees.

“Australia and Kyrgyzstan are the initial two countries selected by PSSI to send referees in order to work to lead the game in the current Indonesian competition,” he said.

“Obviously, they have a referee’s license from FIFA,” he said.

After the six foreign referees have completed their duties in Indonesia, PSSI will select another foreign referee’s name in the second and third periods of another country.

“In the first period, they will come on 2 August 2017 and serve until August 15, 2017. Next, the second period is estimated on August 16-28, 2017, then the third period of 29-11 September 2017,” he said.

“In each period, we use referees from different countries,” said the woman born in 1985.

He gave an explanation about the program using the foreign referee.

“It does not stop there, PSSI also stressed that the program using foreign referees will lead to the exchange program in the end,” he said.

Here are the foreign referees who arrived at the first stage:


1. Evans Shaun Robert

2. Brown Wilson Kenneth

3. Lakrindis George


4. Rysbek Sherkerbekov

5. Artem Skopintsev

6. Eldiiar Salybaev


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