Qualify for Champions League Premiership, Klopp: Liverpool Play Like a Storm!

Qualify for Champions League Premiership, Klopp: Liverpool Play Like a Storm!

Klopp could not hide his happy feeling because success led Liverpool to qualify for the main stage of the Champions League with a 4-2 victory over TSG Hoffenheim Judi Dadu. If accumulated with the first game, Liverpool also qualify with a 6-3 aggregate.

The victory led Liverpool to be the fifth British club to compete in the Champions League. And this is also the second time for them to feel the atmosphere of the Champions League since 2009-2010.

Klopp praised the performance of foster children who play very extraordinary. Especially in the first half where they were able to three menceploskan ball into the goal Die Hoffe.

“I think [Liverpool’s performance] in the first half was like a rainstorm and I really enjoyed the performance,” Klopp said.

“I do not quite describe this performance. But this is incredible. This is the fruit of hard work for 14 months. What I feel this time is incredible. Extraordinary compliments I give to the team. They played very perfectly throughout the first half, “he continued.

Hoffenheim enjoy the game

Klopp also gave more credit to Hoffenheim who has struggled to keep up with Liverpool. The unyielding spirit that Julian Nagelsmann’s troops showed made Klopp in awe as they did nothing to give up after trailing 1-3 in the first half.

“Hoffenheim plays football and continues to enjoy the game. They can score two goals because of their quality. We do not treat our favorites but everyone has pressure. But my foster children play very well, “close the German coach. (Source: Soccerway)


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