Revealed, James Rodriguez’s salary in Munich

Revealed, James Rodriguez’s salary in Munich

Bayern Munich midfielder James Rodriguez is rumored to have earned a salary of 6.5 million euros per season after being loaned Real Madrid for two seasons to the Bavarian club. James’s salary was revealed by Football Leaks and published by Der Spigel.

With a salary of that size, James means paid 541,670 euros (Rp 8.5 billion) per month. This is one of the biggest salaries in Munich.

James Rodriguez will also get an additional fee or bonus of 250 thousand euros if scored 12 goals more season. Bonus increases 250 thousand euros (Rp 3.9 billion) if he scored at least 20 assists.

The James contract also includes the payment of all taxes to a colleague who accompanies this Colombian midfielder in Germany.

Munchen had to pay 13 million euros to borrow James. Payments are payable in two time periods with the first payment made before September 15.


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