Set Piece Persija Success Situation Brought To The Top Board, This Teco Comment

Set Piece Persija Success Situation Brought To The Top Board, This Teco Comment

The game Persija Jakarta is not very special and sometimes most of their goals come from the dead ball. Recorded 8 goals from 20 goals came from the set piece. Plus of course two goals penalty Bandar Bola.

Overall almost half of the team’s total goal nicknamed Macan Kemayoran is created through the dead ball situation. Including two goals 2-0 victory over Newcastle Persiba on Saturday (12/8).

About this coach Stefano Cugurra Teco does not really care that the most important thing is his team won. Especially with this strategy Persija successful perched in sixth position with 31 points.

“At the start of the League 1 week our team played pretty unfortunately we never won. Therefore I change it no matter the beautiful game that is important we red the victory, “said Teco after the match counter Persija Saturday (13/8) yesterday.

“In any way his goal, I also do not really care about the importance we can excel,” he added.

Reinaldo’s finishing ability helps

Especially when this Persija sustained by the presence of Reinaldo Elias da Costa. Former PSM player who is bertipikal as the target man. The bomber is very good at utilizing the dead ball situation. This is clearly illustrated when he successfully recorded his first goal for Persija when successfully convert bait Ismed Sofyan.


Direct praise given by Teco. According to the Brazilian coach this player who has an Australian passport is including smart players take advantage of skrimits situation.

“For me it’s good, he works hard on the pitch, he likes duel. Keep up the best time we have crossing, now we have a targetman who is able to utilize any bait including the dead ball was successfully nested into goals, “added Teco.


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