The Middle Lover is pregnant, Ronaldo is now waiting for the fourth child

The Middle Lover is pregnant, Ronaldo is now waiting for the fourth child

Cristiano Ronaldo has just been awarded twins at the end of June 2017.

However, the mainstay striker of Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team was now also awaiting the arrival of a fourth child.

Ronaldo blessed with twins born around 29-30 June 2017 named Eva and Mateo.

Previously, the former Manchester United player has had a son named Cristiano Junior who was born on June 17, 2010.
Eva and Mateo’s presence even makes the megabintang of Real Madrid is asking permission to leave the Portuguese national team that was competing in the 2017 Confederations Cup.

After the identity of the mother of her three sons was not published, now Ronaldo will have a child of a figure who has been widely known. Yes, he is CR7’s current lover, Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo has confirmed the truth that his lover is currently pregnant. He was very enthusiastic about waiting for his fourth child.

“I am very happy with what will happen,” Ronaldo said while confirming his girlfriend’s pregnancy in an interview with LOC magazine quoted from Marca.
As reported by Marca, Georgina Rodriguez’s Instagram account, @georginarodriguezofficial, has now started to follow some bridal dress provider accounts.

This raises speculation that he and Ronaldo will soon be married in the near future.

During a footballer, Ronaldo has a long story in his relationship romance.

He once dated two British models, Alice Goodwin and Gemma Atkinson, the Russian model, Irina Shayk, and now with Georgina Rodriguez who is also a Spanish model.


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